B2B Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Most of times, people is not ready to buy your product or service the first time they come to your site. Nurturing campaigns are essential for keeping people who visit your site but aren't ready to immediately buy engaged with your brand.

There are a number of reasons why you need email nurturing, but here are the most important ones:

* Buyers are not going to engage with you once or twice and buy

In fact, if they had it their way, they would not interact with you at all in the research process. B2B buyers will find three pieces of content about a vendor for every one piece that marketing can publish or sales can deliver so once you have gotten them to engage with you, you simply cannot afford to let them go. And sending them right to sales is a sure fire way to lose them.

* 50% of buyers in any system at any given time are not ready to buy

At the point in time in which you are lucky enough to engage a buyer, you cannot assume they are ready to buy just because they responded to your offer. You will generate leads that are in all different stages of their journey and cannot be treated the same.

* Nurturing drives more effective marketing results and sales opportunities

A study from Demand Gen Report states that more than half of B2B marketers say that lead nurturing campaigns perform 10-30% better than standard

lead campaigns and almost half see a 10-20% lift in sales opportunities from nurtured leads.

BIZIA Digital Help our client building the best practice lead nurturing system in China, HongKong and Taiwan that actually extend through the entire length of the buyer journey, from initial brand awareness to a repeat customer. Keeping you top of mind while building trust and moving your lead further along the buyer's journey.

With the marketing automation mechanism created by BIZIA Digital, segmenting your contacts into lists and targeting them with those workflows

, sending your contacts workflows based on their buyer persona and life cycle stage, you will decrease your sales cycle by 23% according to Market2Lead.

Here six main workflows that are essential to use in order to convert more leads into customers.

1) Subscriber Workflows

A subscriber workflow is when recent subscribers to your blog/newsletter receive an email which provides additional information about your brand or shares recent updates with them. This type of workflow is important because it makes subscribers feel welcomed to your brand, defines what to expect from you, and may even contain a piece of content that converts them to a lead

2) Lead Nurturing Workflows

A lead nurturing workflow functions with the end goal of converting leads into marketing qualified leads (or MQLs), which in turn brings them further down the sales funnel, and one step closer to becoming a customer. It's important to have this be an automated email string because people want to know more about you and build trust before making a decision to purchase. You can set this workflow up to look something like the following once a website visitor becomes a lead:

3) Hot Leads Workflows

A 'hot lead' is someone who is frequently visiting your website, opening your emails and engaging with you on social media which indicates that you’ve clearly got their interest. Hold onto that interset by keeping them engaged with your company

4) Cold Leads Workflows

So, maybe your lead fell asleep on you… wake them up with a workflow! Maybe earlier in the process they weren’t in the condition to buy, but things have changed and now they’re ready, but you haven't followed up with them in a while

5) Customer Workflows

They've become a customer, but you're not done with them yet! You want to encourage them to continue to interact with your brand. It's an important workflow to use because it keeps customers thinking about your brand in hopes that they become repeat customers and evangelists

6) Industry/Specific Topics Workflows

Knowing what industry your prospect is in is a golden piece of information. By knowing this, you can send them content specifically for them. By sending the right content to the right people, you're more likely to convert. Check out where this lead came from. Was it for an offer specific to a certain industry? What kind of tradeshow did you meet them at?

To learn more how a B2B Marketing agency like Bizia could help you, just drop us an enquiry on our web site Http://www.bizia-digital.com or email Jacob.Sandelin@bizia-digital.com

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