Lead Scoring - Knowing when it's ready for your sales

Lead Scoring - Knowing when It’s ready for Sales!

Lead scoring is an objective ranking of one sales lead against another.

It not only helps align the right follow-up to the corresponding enquiry, it also helps marketing and sales professionals identify where each prospect is in the buying process. This helps ensure that the best leads are followed up on immediately by prioritizing leads according to revenue potential and buyer readiness.

On top of this, the very act of defining lead scores improves alignment and collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Lead scoring is a collaborative contract between sales and marketing which enables:

• More efficient handling of leads.

• Easier evaluation of sales team performance.

• Greater control over pipeline.

• Greater predictability of revenue forecasts.

• Easier projection of shortfalls.

For instance, when marketing and sales agree on what constitutes a priority lead, the discussion can progress to which leads should be passed from marketing to sales, and which leads should be nurtured further. This exercise in itself is valuable to sales and marketing alignment and makes sure both teams have a clear definition of what a lead is and their role in the process.

Sales will love the leads marketing can supply as opposed to the ‘one touch’ responses. People rarely get their lead scoring model the first time, however, so it’s important to test, discuss with sales, and refine.

When leads sent to sales have an objective quality, it becomes easier to measure how good your sales team is at engaging prospects and closing business.

And the better you can measure and understand the quality of your leads, the more predictable your pipeline and revenue forecasts will be. It also becomes easier to see projected shortfalls, which allows marketing and sales teams to react appropriately.

Why Lead Scoring ?

Lead scoring is an analytical, scientific approach, managed easily and cost-effectively.

Consider the demand generated by your marketing group. How do you send all those leads to sales? Most marketing organizations simply hand off huge lists of names - or upload them to the sales database - and then sit back and expect sales to have the time to call them. After a few calls, most salespeople give up, deriding the leads as junk.

This kind of interaction is counter-productive - dozens of hot leads (legitimate opportunities) are thrown away simply because they’re in among trash. However, in contrast, lead scoring enables organizations to move lead prioritization from a largely subjective process to an analytical, scientific approach that can be managed easily, cost-effective, and measured.

Bizia has the most experienced and practical Lead Scoring Expert to build the lead scoring model that makes sure you always know when your prospect is ready to buy !

To learn more how a B2B Marketing agency like Bizia could help you, just drop us an enquiry on our web site Http://www.bizia-digital.com or email Jacob.Sandelin@bizia-digital.com

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