Marketing Automation Platform-Things to consider when selecting a platform Part 3-Lead Generation

In Part 3 & 4 we will look at Lead Generation and Analytics. Here the difference between the platforms is less about functions but how deep they go.

3. Lead Generation – Lead Generation is of course what we all want from any marketing activities. This is the process of delivering the result of previous work and generating Sales Qualified Leads that your sales reps can engage with.

Standard platform offering:

Program management– Gather and manage all multi-channel (mail, web, mobile, video and social) campaigns in one program in order to easily track, manage and measure results and ROI.

The main capabilities to look for are; Landing page creation, email campaigns and lists generation.

Advanced platforms:

Event Marketing – This is a very important component since events, whether it is; exhibitions, webinars, workshops or training days are usually the biggest marking efforts a company will undertake during the year.

Events are also notoriously hard to follow-up and measure. You have probably heard sales reps saying “we have to be present at this exhibition” without being able to point to any facts (Usually they are of course right). Being able to measure and follow up is thus very important.

Successful event campaign will give you everything from; invite, registration landing page, reminders, final call for registration, on day announcements, at event registration, post even follow up and event report. This will help you analyze and improve for next event.

A few platforms will provide:

a. Cloning – duplication with small adaption of previously successful campaigns for new activities

b. Best practice sharing – share best practice with other users through a library of pre-

built verified marketing campaigns.

Source: Marketo

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