Marketing Automation platform-Things to consider when selecting a platform

Marketing Automation platform-Things to consider when selecting a platform

There are many marketing automation platforms out there, from huge enterprise platforms to smaller more sales campaign focused ones.

Needless to say, price and functionality can vary a lot. Thus when making the decision to purchase a platform, it’s important to know what functionalities you want to use and have an idea of your potential growth size (you will handle 500 or 50000 leads?).

In this post we start looking at the main functions offered by Automation platforms, first function we look into is Email and Website Marketing. As with any product offered on the market, different platforms have different capabilities within the same functions.

Email and Website Marketing – Often the most powerful marketing tools you have

Standard platforms should offer:

  1. Mass email function - that can track and report successful; delivery, open and click

  2. Forms – Placed on website, landing page or pop up window, that lets visitors register their details before accessing content. A good system will recognize previous visitors and adjust the form to capture new info, some will also have social sign on (i.e. through LinkedIn).

More advanced platforms will offer:

  1. Email management – Extra functions that give you IP warming, email preview, spam checking, link validation and delivery monitoring

  2. Real-Time triggered emails – Emails that are set to go out immediately once a certain action has happened. Triggers could be; click of a link, call from sales rep, and lead score reaching a certain threshold.

  3. Mobile or Tablet optimization – Emails and landing pages that are optimized for Mobile phone and tablet screens viewing.

A handful of plat forms will offer:

  1. Landing pages – Specific topic related landing pages built inside the platform.

  2. Testing – A/B Testing option to quickly figure out what; topic-lines, graphics, time of day etc. has the highest conversion rate.

  3. Dynamic content – Emails and landing pages that are customized on segment, i.e. based on input on the form; title, location, company size etc. a tailored content will be sent out.

  4. Personalized emails – That link customer addresses to individual sales reps and display their signatures. Apart from adding the “personal touch” you also get the lead assigned to a designated sales rep.

Next post we will look at Lead management on different platforms

Reference Source: Marketo

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