Content marketing to Nurture sales leads

Content marketing to Nurture sales leads

We can all agree that there are only 24 hours in the day and that your sales team, no matter how efficient they might be, can only contact a certain number of prospects per day. Marketing automation is of course a very critical tool for engaging with a large number of prospects simultaneously. However Marketing Automation works best when you already have a large pool of know prospects at hand.

But how do you: Attract new prospects, get necessary customer information and nurture prospects from awareness stage to Decision stage?

Good educational content in the form of website, articles, newsletters, videos etc can offload a big burden on your sales team and at the same time help you gain insight where the customer is in the sales cycle.

Industry reports often state that nurtured leads gives a 20% increase in sales opportunities as opposed to non-nurtured leads

How can good content improve your business?

1. Constant flow of new leads. à By the regular publishing of new demand driven content (what customers want to learn about) you can steer traffic to your website where the prospects can register and download more content. This is most effectively done in combination with SEO and SEM initiatives.

2. Efficient nurturing of leads. à Let the content (rather the choice of downloaded content by customers) help you build a picture of the customer’s interest and current stage in the sales cycle. Set appropriate rules when to contact a customer, i.e. after a particular download, page visit or price request etc. This will not only save time, but also help your sales team to get insight to the customer (so they can prepare pitch) and decrease the chance of contacting a non-sales ready customer.

3. Maximize “real sales talk” with customers à Instead of having your sales people spending valuable “sales time” educating potential customers about the basics of your products, let the content do this for you. Through effective monitoring of customer’s content search you can also gain insight to what the customer have already learnt.

4. Basic trust building à By creating content specified for different buyer’s persona (title, age, area etc.) you can establish the foundation of trust and overcome the usual objections. A purchasing manager, an end user and a CEO might look for different things in a new supplier. Make sure you have useful content for each persona.

Examples content marketing:

1. Prospects-Create brand awareness (mainly through social media communication): Videos, Articles, Social media posts, newsletters, info graphics, blog posts

2. Leads-Product education (Mainly on website/online): Webinars, Case studies, press releases, Ebooks

3. Sales opportunities-Make sales (Direct engagement): Customer testimonials, Demos, Trade shows, Pricing/offers, phone calls and presentations

To learn more how a B2B Marketing agency like Bizia could help you, just drop us an enquiry on our web site Http:// or email

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