Marketing Automation - Get Started

Marketing Automation- Get started!

When to automate your marketing like this?

Have you reached the point where you are realizing exactly how massive your pool of potential customers actually is? – This is the point when the old method of reaching out to prospects through cold calling and web browsing won’t do the job anymore.

Survey after survey show that marketing automation solutions CAN and DO deliver great results for businesses; in terms of productivity, engagement, sales insight and lead generation through effective nurturing.


Here is what to do

1. Define your objective-What do I want?

i.e. inbound Website traffic increase

Multi-channel campaigns

Data management and lead scoring

2. Look for a marketing automation platform or Agency that can help you with:

a. Large scale email batch and response triggering (IP warming service is a huge plus)

b. Landing page for your events or campaigns. Well-structured landing page can be the difference between customer signing up or just making a mental note for future

c. A/B testing (also called split testing), check what works and what doesn’t, then quickly move on

d. Scoring and segmentation of your leads

e. Nurturing campaigns, engage, track and nurture the prospects along the sales cycle

2. Engage your sales team and get them onboard

For effective use of marketing automation process it’s important that sales and marketing are on-board, engaged and active on; CRM integration, lead scoring inputs, and definition of delivery of sales insight output, i.e. at what stage to receive and contact “sales qualified leads”

To learn more how a B2B Marketing agency like Bizia could help you, just drop us an enquiry on our web site Http:// or email

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